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10 years of experience in the rubber industry.

Our Manufacturing PROCESS


Our Design Process For Mouilding Rubber We work in close collaboration with clients to understand their needs. We support all stages of your project, from initial design & material selection, through to prototype testing, manufacturing & production. This helps us to understand the needs of your application thoroughly.


Our Development Process, when it came to Rubber Development Stage, ARAVALI aims to imprint their engineering and materials science knowledge and expertise on every rubber production solution. The end goal is to present the client with a component that matches the client’s exact demands, however challenging they might be.


With the design and development processes cleared, the last stage is our rubber manufacturing process. Through many years of research and development, our design processes have been streamlined to result in the successful and economical rubber manufacturing services for which we are well known.

Our Awesome Moulded Products

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Rubber type : BUTYL RUBBER

Butyl rubber—also known as isobutylene isoprene—offers one of the highest levels of gas impermeability. This quality, combined with the material’s excellent flexibility.

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Rubber type : PU RUBBER

Polyurethane rubbers are two-component systems (base plus curative; A+B) that cover a wide variety of applications at a low cost. Available for molds that are poured, brushed or sprayed.

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Rubber type : VITON RUBBER

Viton is a fluoropolymer elastomer and synthetic rubber compound, trademarked by DuPont under this brand name. It's a fluorinated hydrocarbon rubber product with amazing capabilities.

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Rubber type : SILICONE

Silicone rubber—also referred to as polysiloxane—is known for its malleability, biocompatibility, and resistance to extreme temperatures, fire, ozone, and ultraviolet (UV) radiation.

Service Provided by Aravali Bharat

Rubber Moulding

Aravali Bharat is a leading service provider in rubber molding parts and products that meet the specifics of our customers needs. We provide exactly what our name suggests; Custom Rubber products. We have over a 95% customer retention rate and base our entire business on our Mission: Responsiveness ~ From Design To Delivery. Aravali Bharat provides personalized and personal service and assistance every step along the way making the design and purchase of rubber molding parts easy.

Custom rubber moulding

We provide personalized service and assistance every step of the way, making the design and purchase of molded rubber parts easy. Aravali Bharat is a leading manufacturer and supplier in molding rubber parts and products that meet the specifics of our customers needs. According to their requirements. The Clients have to only give their design and after that our company lookout from design to delivery at the door step of cleints at given time or in resonable or affordable price.

Colored rubber moulding

Colors can be used to differentiate durometer, improve consumer appeal, highlight safety, distinguish similar components from each other, highlight special promotions and ensure non-marking contact. Our colored rubber molding services ensure your colored part is consistent. Color products are molded from various colored elastomers. We ensure your colored compound is consistent or have the capability to produce colored rubber compounds with brilliant color quality and consistency at a competitive price.

Rubber to Metal bonding

No one better understands the relationship between rubber, metal, adhesives and paints. We're proven experts in working with all metals, including brass, aluminum and steel. Bonding to metal is a means rubber is mechanically bonded to a metal insert during the molding process.

Design & Engineering

We offer a complete suite of design and engineering services and assistance. Custom Rubber Corp. uses years of experience and strategic material supply partners to help you choose the most appropriate and cost-effective design and material for the job.


Aravali Bharat can provide prototypes from any of the different processes. We can help you determine which process is best for prototyping objectives. Manufacture of a prototype tool to manufacture the part in the correct material producing a fully functional component.

Moving Existing Tooling

If you have existing tooling to produce your rubber product, but are not satisfied with your current vendor/supplier, Aravali Bharat can help. We have the skills and expertise needed to move existing tooling to Aravali Bharat quickly and with minimal interruption in supply.

New Tooling

Years of tool design experience and multiple US-based strategic partnerships insure new tools are built to last and delivered on time. Custom Rubber Corp. brings that experience and expertise to our customers. We reduce tooling cost with better design

Rubber material used

From natural rubber to butyl rubber and everything in between, we are experts at identifying the best, most economical material source for any and every application or part. Aravali Bharat can manufacture or moulding a best quality of rubber materials.

Quality control

We are committed to having the certifications, process control systems and equipment to support total quality for every project, every time. Aravali Bharat provide customer satisfaction.

Rubber die making service

At Aravali Bharat, our years of production experience help us to proactively optimize your mold, or die, making the process faster and more efficient, creating better parts at a lower cost.

Durability in rubber

Most rubbers are highly durable, resisting damage and degradation from abrasive, tearing, impact, low temperatures and water. They also exhibit a relatively slow heat buildup rate.

Different Types of Rubber

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PU Rubber Moulding products Manufacturer We are taking manufacturing job service with a reasonable rate with good quality of rubber material & different type of rubber used.

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We are manufacturer of best Quality Rubber products As per our client requirement. We are taking manufacturing job service with a reasonable rate with good quality of rubber material & different type of rubber used.

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We are manufacturer of best Quality Neoprene Rubber products As per our client requirement. We are taking manufacturing job service with a reasonable rate with good quality of rubber material & different type of rubber used

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Viton Rubber Roller for printing & lamination Service. Viton rubber is more expensive than most rubber components, it is also more durable and will likely last longer than any other grade of rubber used for molding.

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Synthetic elastomer made by combining isobutylene and isoprene. It was the first rubber to be synthesized. It has good shock absorption and low moisture and gas permeability and is used in many commercial applications.

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We are leading supplier of Natural Rubber Moulding Products according to our client requirement. The chemical name for natural rubber is polyisoprene. The monomer (meaning “one-part”) from which it is built is isoprene.

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Nitrile rubber, also called nitrile-butadiene rubber, an oil-resistant produced from a copolymer of acrylonitrile and butadiene. Its main applications are in fuel hoses, gaskets, rollers, and other products in which oil resistance is required.

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Ethylene propylene diene monomer (EPDM) rubber that exhibits excellent durability, resisting damage and degradation from extreme temperatures and weather conditions. These qualities for outdoor parts, such as roofing sealants, hoses, and seals.




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